1. What is FTE?
FTE is a venture between Ford and Tickford which is a new car ownership experience for drivers who are passionate about cars.

2. What vehicles are offered through FTE?
FTE will offer special vehicles aimed at enthusiasts. Initially, these will be the sporty European styled Cougar and three versions of the exclusive, high performance T-Series sports sedans.

3. How many FTE dealers are there?
There are currently 18 FTE dealers throughout Australia.
A dealer listing is available on this internet site.

4. What is special about FTE?
FTE is a concept that is designed to meet the needs of vehicle enthusiasts. FTE is building on the strengths of Ford and Tickford, tailoring these characteristics to a particular customer.

5. What service programs are offered by FTE?
FTE has two exclusive programs, FTE Premium Service and FTE Premium Assist. All the details about the two programs are available on this internet site.

6. Does FTE have a customer service number?
FTE has a dedicated customer service number for any customer enquiries. The number is 1800 035 666.

7. Can I buy a vehicle over the internet?
Yes, on this site you can purchase either a T-Series model or a Cougar. Go to the Buy online button and follow all the steps.

8. What is involved in purchasing a vehicle over the internet?
You will first option and accessorise the vehicle of your choice from the T-Series or Cougars range. Your personal details will then be requested, and you will be asked to nominate your preferred FTE Dealer. A contract will be presented to you, which if you chose to accept it, is legally binding. If purchasing a T-Series vehicle, you will have the opportunity to request your own personal vehicle number. Your deposit of $1,000 AUD will be requested. Your credit card details will be secured using Camtech technology. An option will be presented to you if you wish to apply for financing through Ford Credit. Once all your details have been processed, you will be sent an email confirmation of your purchase. Your nominated FTE Dealer will contact you after this. You can then proceed to the Owners Connection and register as an FTE member.

9. Where can I get FTE, T-Series or Cougar merchandise?
FTE merchandise can be bought on this internet site in the merchandise section. Otherwise the merchandise can be purchased through FTE dealers.

10. Can I get a brochure?
If you would like a brochure please contact the FTE customer service line on 1800 035 666 and you will be sent a brochure.

11. How do I navigate the FTE site?
Getting around the FTE website is simple. On the top of all pages beyond the home page you will see text telling you what page you are located in within the site. Under this text is a series of grey and orange circles. By rolling over or clicking on these circles you will see the other pages within the section you are in and be able to click to those pages.

Also at all times the major categories for the site are visible across the bottom of the screen. For more detailed information on what is in each category simply drag up the bottom frame by sitting you mouse on the thick orange line, (holding down the cursor and dragging upwards) and then clicking on each category to see what is contained within. This frame can then be scrolled back down to the bottom of the page.