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Welcome to the Ford Australia Vehicle Photographing System.

Request photos of your Falcon / Falcon SR / Fairmont / Fairmont Ghia / XR / Fairlane / LTD /
T-Series and Falcon Ute being built on the Ford production line.

  • You will need to enter either your VIN1 (Vehicle Identification Number) or your SIDO1 number
  • Photos will be sent to you in an email message within the next 2 hours2,3
  • Photos of XR and T-Series are available for vehicles built from September 2000
  • Photos of all other Falcon Family vehicles are available from June 2001 build
  • Photos are available after your Dealer has reported the delivery of your vehicle to Ford
  • Photos will be kept by Ford for a period of 6 months from the vehicle retail date.
  1. VIN or SIDO may be found in your owners’ manual or on the vehicle compliance plate (under the bonnet) – check with your dealer if you’re not sure of this.
  2. Pictures will be sent as a batch of 4 or 5 email messages.
  3. It may take up to 2 hours to retrieve and send the photographs.

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